When the going gets tough...

    The splash zone area of offshore facilities is highly corrosive. The combination of salt water and Oxygen, the repeated immersion and atmospheric exposure and the potential for impact and abrasion all play havoc with any coated steel structures.
    The difficulty in accessing these areas means that maintenance of any coating is dangerous, time consuming and costly. To protect your assets and lower maintenance requirements in conditions like these, you need a robust and proven coating that you trust.

    Discover your splash zone...

    Improved performance due to lower water permeability

    offshore anti corrosion coatings for offshore Installations

    Low solvent content: Excellent application, reduced risk of solvent entrapment and improved performance.

    Reduced physical damage, better abrasion and impact resistance

    offshore anti corrosion coatings for power plants and windmills

    Pre-qualified to NORSOK M-501 (Edition 6) standard

    Low environmental impact: High volume solids and low VOC for reduced emissions

    offshore anti corrosion coatings for pipelines

    Certified to ISO 20340 : 2009 for C5M, IM2 and C5M + IM2 categories.

    Fast curing for a tough finish...

    No Thinners, no blistering...

    The reactive diluents in Hempadur Multi-strength 35840 and 35842 allow for excellent application characteristics but without some of the disadvantages of using solvents. The reactive diluents polymerise as part of the coatingand so don't adversely affect the development of physical properties such as impact and hardness. The result? You get improved handling times for coated items and a more robust finish.

    With 99% volume solids and glass flake pigmentation, Hempadur Multi-strength 35840 and 35842 are designed to be applied without solvent. This eliminates the need for mixing solvent, reduces the risk of solvent entrapment which means less blistering, even if the coating is applied at high dry film thicknesses. Not only that no solvent reduces VOC emissions and environmental damage.

    Protect your splash zones with Hempadur Multi-strength

    If you would like to know more about Hempadur Multi-strength 35840 and 35842, just let us know.

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